Malika/Lyric :Arrived!

Malika/Lyric - b. September 14, 2014
2 boys, 3 girls; duals & sables; all plush
ShadowGate's Popstar of Chain CGC, TT

Mystical Malika-Belle R 

this litter is located in Belle River, Ontario
with Malika's owners, she is co-owned by
Suzanne Towns, Mystical Shilohs
website: www.mysticalshilohs.com
email: mmr@xplornet.ca
Marmora, Ontario, Canada
(613) 395-3555


Fuse/Joey :Anticipated Oct 2014

this breeding has taken place
(puppies anticipated October 15, 2014)
Nat JA/Int JA Sequoia's Noble Joyful Joey CGC, TT, TDaka Joey
b. May 10, 2010 | bi-black/cream plush
sire: sCH bCHptd Sequoia’s Tamarack TT
dam: bCH Noble’s Chic-A-Boom
height/weight: 31" 131lbs
hips: PennHip L 0.28 R 0.26, no DJD; 90th percentile
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL377M27-VPI
heart: OFA Normal, Cardiologist SLH-CA441/39M/C-VPI-ECHO
thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH226/28M-VPI
eyes: CERF Normal SHS373725, 2012
TLI: 9.5, normal
dm: OFA Normal/Normal SLH-DM193/34M-PI

Nat CH Pacific Crest's Flash Point Fuse TT

aka Fuse
b. January 2, 2010 | brown sable plush
sire: NSaibCH Shenandoah's The Phantom V Zion Rom CGC
dam: GV Int rbCH Shenandoah's Spirit of the West ATT
height/weight: 27.25" 95lbs
hips: PennHip L 0.33 R 0.29, no DJD; 80th percentile
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL379F31-VPI
heart: OFA Normal, Cardiologist SLH-CA413/25F/C-VPI-ECHO
thyroid: normal, practitioner
eyes: CERF Normal SHS363660 2012
TLI 10.7, normal
dm: OFA Normal/Normal SLH-DM152/26F-PI
Jeannette Fedorka, Flash Point Shilohs
website: www.flashpointshilohs.com
email: jeannettefedorka@hotmail.com
Kelso, Washington
(845) 754-5363

Rosa/Cooper :Anticipated Sept 2014

Anticipated September 30, 2014
this breeding has taken place

bCHptd BG's No More Mr Nice Guy WSRSS, CGC
aka Cooper 
b. February 15, 2008 | golden sable plush 
sire: Sequoia's Birch V Blue Moon, CGC 
dam: Sequoia's Precious Aspen Of P&C's, CGC
hips: PennHip L 0.46, R 0.36, no DJD (13 mos)
PennHip L 0.43, R 0.41, no DJD (19 mos) 
heart: OFA Normal SLH-CA286/17M/C-NOPI 
eyes: CERF Normal SHS-190N/2009-14

BelleGrace Foxys Mystical Gift
aka Rosa
b. Apri 16, 2010 | reddish brown sable plush
sire: Mystical Flight of Atreyu O'BG
dam: Mystical Moonlit Lace Miracle
height/weight: 27" 85lbs
hips: PennHip L 0.48 R 0.45 no DJD
heart: normal, practitioner

This is a repeat breeding of our 2012 litter between Rosa and Cooper.

An outstanding litter that produced size, stable temperaments and good health. We were so pleased with these pups that we decided to do it again. Beautiful rich coloring, gorgeous heads with perfect Shiloh ears, proper size and structure, and sweet loving temperaments.

Please contact BelleGrace Shilohs for more information on how to make one of these awesome pups a member of your family!

Dawn Swick, BelleGrace Shilohs
Pleasant View PA
(412) 999-3920


Dreamer/Coz :Week 2

Available Boy & Girl, White Plush

sire: bCHptd Bolo's Cosmic Polar Bear, TT, HIT
dam: JnL's Dream Come True Bearpaw

Jan Santini, JnL Pocono Shilohs
Moscow, PA
(570) 906-0710

Nancy Schmidt, Bearpaw Shilohs
Franklinville, NJ
(856) 723-2404

Fury/Colby :Coming Soon

(puppies anticipated Fall 2014)
High Caliber's Mountain Majesty CGC, TT, TDI 

aka Colby
b. May 31, 2010 | bi-black/silver plush
sire: GV NS abCanCH riCH Miracle's Aquilo Enteros OFA, CGC, TDI
dam: NSx4 TD IntCH rbisCH Caliber's Smoke On The Water of CJ CGC, TDI, TT, HIC
height/weight: 30" 120lbs
hips: PennHIP L 0.25 R 0.25, no DJD; OFA Excellent (prelim)
elbows: OFA Normal (13M)
heart: OFA Normal, Cardiologist SLH-CA386/15M/C-VPI-ECHO
thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH205/18M-VPI
eyes: CERF Normal SHS-205/2010-2
TLI: normal
dm: OFA Normal SLH-DM123/21M-VPI

bCHptd DreamCatchersKissOfFury-RSS CGC, TT, TDI 
aka Fury
b. September 15, 2011 | black/tan plush
sire:TD SP GR CH, GVx4, GrCanCH, rbCH
Shenandoah's Midnight Special CGN HIC TT ROM
dam: brCH Ridgewood's Touch Of Class CGC
height/weight: 27" 90lbs
hips: OFA Good SLH-703G33F-VPI
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL470F33-VPI
heart: Normal, Cardiologist Doppler, 8/2014
TLI 10.2, normal 8/2014
dm: OFA Normal SLH-DM249/33F-VPI
Kelly Potance, Dreamcatcher Shilohs
website: www.DreamCatcherShilohs.com
email: dreamcatchershilohshepherds@gmail.com
Jim Thorpe, PA
(570) 732-4022
Kim Murnyack, High Caliber Shilohs
website: www.CaliberShilohs.com
email: puppies@calibershilohs.com
Central PA
(814) 387-0124
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